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While emergencies happen when least expected, the more precarious and overwhelming ones are plumbing emergencies. When your pipes freeze or are broken, or when your sewer breaks or your gas leaks, you will need the services of an emergency plumber very urgently. These are emergencies that can have grave effects on your home and your family.

With proper plumbing maintenance, the chances that such emergencies will occur are considerably reduced. Nonetheless, having a plumber you can call during such emergencies is immensely crucial. As emergency plumbers, Your Plumber Salt Lake City is available day and night, and throughout the week to attend to your emergency needs.

Do It Yourself Enthusiasts and Plumbing Emergencies

Many homeowners probably have limited knowledge in plumbing and have the tools to accomplish certain plumbing tasks. It is still advisable to have the contacts of a 24-hour emergency plumber such as Your Plumber Salt Lake City just in case they are unable to handle a serious emergency. It is good to have a few plumbing skills that can save you from possible danger however certain plumbing tasks require much more. Sometimes it might be difficult to determine the fundamental plumbing problem and it might be necessary to seek help in the form of professional plumbing services.

At Your Plumber Salt Lake City, we are 24/7 emergency plumber professionals with years of experience in the plumbing field. We have the right equipment and tools and know exactly what to do during an emergency. Some emergency situations are very serious and a DIY homeowner might not be able to handle the situation correctly. This could lead to further loses, injuries and worse, fatalities. Here are some plumbing situations which need the professional intervention of Your Plumber Salt Lake City.

Leaking Gas

Leaking gas is a serious emergency situation that only a professional 24-hour emergency plumber can handle. There can be no other conclusion when a gas leak occurs because the odor is quite easy to distinguish. When you smell the odor of gas, you will know immediately that something is not right with your gas lines. It is vital that you get in touch with Your Plumber Salt Lake City and allow them to handle the leakage. Gas leaks can lead to an explosion and turn fatal or cause devastating damages to your home. Immediately you sense that there is a gas leak, you ought to shut down the main gas valve and then call us to handle the situation. Our skilled professional plumbers will know exactly what to do. You don’t want to put your family at risk by trying to fix the leaking gas on your own.

Broken Down Water Heater

When your hot water heater or boiler breaks down in the middle of the cold winter season, you should regard this as an emergency that only professionals like Your Plumber Salt Lake City can handle. You might save your appliance by calling professional emergency plumbers to look into it. Before you call Your Plumber Salt Lake City’s emergency plumber service, you can find out if the thermostat or the burner has been switched off. You should also find out if the circuit breaker has had a short because once it is reset; the water heater will start functioning again. If you have a gas based heater, find out if the gas tank needs replenishing. If you have done all of the above and the water heater will still not work, you need to get in touch with an emergency plumber. Call Your Plumber Salt Lake City and we will come to your assistance and identify the problem and get your hot water heater working again.

Burst Piping

A burst pipe has the potential or causing lots of damage to your home and should be attended to by an emergency plumber as soon as possible. Before you place a call to Your Plumber Salt Lake City, make sure that you have shut the water down through the main water valve. If you are not aware of the main valve or are unable to locate it, call the 24/7 emergency plumber immediately. Technicians from Your Plumber Salt Lake City will come to your home and repair or replace the piping and then tag all the valves and make sure you understand what each valve does. This is necessary so that in the event that you face the same situation again, you will be able to take action that night save your home.

While flooding can be caused by natural disasters, you can also get flooding at home when pipes are broken or have burst or faucets are leaking heavily. This falls in the same category with a burst pipe. When flooding occurs, permanent water damage to the house can follow unless the situation is remedied. Again the main water valve must be shut and if possible, household items should be moved outdoors. Once you have taken these measures, call Your Plumber Salt Lake City who is a 24-hour emergency plumber service. We take emergencies very serious and will make sure we take very little time to get to your premises and fix the problem.

Other Emergency Situations

Most of the other emergency situations occur in the plumbing system such as a clogged drain, frozen pipes, a toilet overflow, and sewer backup. While clogged drains are not a major risk, you still need to call Your Plumber Salt Lake City for emergency plumber services.

In the winter when the weather is very cold, pipes on your plumbing system might freeze. The water will then be unable to flow to your faucets. There are of course very many how to guides online on how you can thaw the frozen pipes. Some of these DIY methods never work and might cause further damage. Never try to do this on yourself. Instead, you should call a 24-hour emergency plumber from Your Plumber Salt Lake City to help you thaw the frozen pipes. We have the tools and the experience to handle such emergencies adequately and without causing further damage to your plumbing system.

Two other emergency plumber situations are a toilet overflow and a sewer backup. An overflow of your toilet is unhygienic and can cause health complications. This is a problem that must be fixed properly. Technicians from Your Plumber Salt Lake City can help you fix the situation correctly. Sewer backup is another complication that needs the emergency services of professional plumbers from Your Plumber Salt Lake City. Sewer backup happens because of a number of factors. Regardless, Your Plumber Salt Lake City has the capacity to handle such a situation on an emergency basis.

Your Plumber Salt Lake City can help you take care of these emergencies as well as any other emergencies and plumbing problems. We are a 24 hour standby emergency plumbing service and we can get to your house as fast as possible so that we help you avoid any further damage to your property or harm to you and your neighbors.

Remember, we offer 24/7 emergency services, so give Your Plumber Salt Lake City a call today!