Garbage Disposal Repair Salt Lake City

When you need an affordable garbage disposal repair in Salt Lake City, feel free to call our team at Your Plumber. We routinely repair broken garbage disposal units and restore function to systems that are not performing well. If you're experiencing a problem that has not responded to conventional DIY methods of cleaning, give us a call, and we'll come out and troubleshoot the unit.

Do it Yourself Maintenance

There are multiple items that should never go into your garbage disposal- but knowing what they are and keeping them out are two different matters altogether. Forks and bones can hide underneath items destined to be scraped into the system. The best professional advice we can offer our customers is to slow down during the process of transferring food from plates into their garbage disposals. Place a small, disposable plastic bag next to your sink and take a few extra seconds to remove anything questionable before making that transfer from plate to sink.

Lesser Known 'Keep Out' Items

  • Rice & Pasta- which can quickly turn into a paste that clogs drains and prevents free flowing disposal
  • Grease, Lard, & Oil- the main culprits of clogs and deposit inside of pipes
  • Celery, Potato Peels, & Corn Husks- all of which can wrap around blades and cause problems
  • Non-Food Items- from bones to toys, have system-breaking capabilities

Preventing Garbage Disposal Repair in Salt Lake City

  1. Clean Your Disposal- While it may sound basic, the most overlooked maintenance is to simply clean your garbage disposal on a daily basis. Use dishwashing liquid and hot water to clean away grease and wash down residue.
  2. Cold Water is Important, Too- to prevent grease from turning to liquid and attaching to the side of your pipes.
  3. Vinegar & Baking Soda- an age-old home remedy for smelly, slow-moving drains. The chemical reaction of these combined ingredients creates a powerful cleaning action that costs just pennies per day.
  4. Lemons & Ice- don't underestimate the most commonly used DIY cleaning product you probably already have in your home. Lemons deodorize your garbage disposal while a tray of ice works to harden and remove grease and gunk, sending them down the drain and out of your plumbing system.

When Self-Help Doesn't Help

Your Plumber can come out day or night to troubleshoot and repair your garbage disposal system. Once we have things flowing freely again and working efficiently, our technicians will provide free maintenance advice on how you can prevent a future repair. Taking good care of your garbage disposal will extend its lifespan and lead to a better return on your investment.

Stating the Obvious

Never reach into your garbage disposal to retrieve an item that fell in or was accidentally scraped off of a plate- and don't put a broomstick down into the disposal hoping for a magic solution to a problem. If you've lost an item into the disposal, use a handle with a pinching mechanism at the end to pull out the article- or call Your Plumber for garbage disposal repair in Salt Lake City.

Garbage Disposal Repair Salt Lake City