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Main Sewer Line

The main sewer line is the piping that takes out all of the waste from your home and to the main sewer that is found under the street. At times, this piping system can get clogged and cause you lots of grief. When the main sewer line is blocked, raw sewage will begin to rush up through the various outlets in your home including sinks, tubs and showers. This is an appalling state of events and is very unhealthy. The trained professionals at Your Plumber Salt Lake City have years of experience handling such situations and can help you fix the blockage. Generally, your sewer’s backup will happen because of one of the following reasons.

main sewer line
  • Clogging

Your sewer mains can get clogged and this might bring about backups into your home. The moment you notice that one of your toilets, sinks or tub is problematic, it could be because of a clog in the drain. A clog is however different with a blockage on your main sewer line which will result in a sewage backup with every flush. Clogging is preventable if your drains are used properly and well maintained.

  • Tree Roots

Tree roots are a very common cause of sewer backups. The area that is directly above your sewer mains might be free from any trees and still get affected by tree roots from the neighborhood. Tree roots pose a major challenge to pipes used for the sewerage because they can grow into the pipes and cause holes or blockages. They might also wrap themselves around your sewer line and cause it to be crushed.

  • Broken or Disintegrated Sewer Lines

If you have a home that is older, you might have problems with your sewer lines because they might have broken, cracked or even collapsed. Today, most constructions use plastic sewer lines. Before, it was cast iron and clay piping that was used and with time, these materials once subjected to wear and tear, would break down, collapse, or crack and cause problems for sewerage systems.

  • Buildup of Objects and Debris

 The buildup of objects such as grease, debris or any other foreign objects can cause a serious blockage on sewers. Things such as cleaning wipes, diapers, napkins and other hygiene items that people throw into the toilet and flush can cause blockages. Kitchen grease especially in large quantities can also build up and in the winter can form a huge solid chunk and then cause blockages.

three men in hole in ground installing main water line
main water line

The Health Risks Posed By Leaking Sewers

Once you have a blocked or leaking sewer, every now and then, you will probably get an odd smell coming from your bathroom or kitchen. This happens when the sewage is stuck in the drain pipe. Most time, you will probably ignore this repugnant smell thinking that it will go away. Unfortunately, the stench is strong proof that your sewer line has been compromised. Once you have a clogged sewer line and it begins to backup, you need to act immediately because you might be exposed to numerous viruses, bacteria, and parasites that are very dangerous and can bring about various diseases.

Regardless of how severe the clogging might be, Your plumbers Salt Lake City has the experience and knowledge to clear the blockage. Our plumbing company maintains a 24 hour round the clock service that’s available seven days a week to come and attend to you when you have a main sewer line emergency. We will carry out an inspection of your sewer system and identify the problem, and then clean, repair or replace your sewer system and keep it completely clear. We assure you that our plumbing technicians will get the job done right.

How Hazardous Can Sewer Backups Be?

Sewer backups are one of the most serious problems in plumbing since they pose major health hazards to homeowners as well as neighbors. The contents of the sewage can bring illness with it and could lead to fatalities. There have been reported cases of serious illnesses that were brought about by contamination from sewages. The contents of the sewage also have toxicants such as pesticides and fungi. Any contact with the sewage will mean that you must be admitted for serious treatment. The moment you become aware that your sewage is backing up, you need to call plumbing experts. You should never hold off dealing with plumbing issues until it is too late. Get in touch with our experienced experts at Your plumbers Salt Lake City for assistance.

Should Your Replace Your Main Sewer Line?

Your main sewer line will sometimes need replacement if it is in bad shape. Defective sewer mains can be a major inconvenience and may mean that your home has become inhospitable. If your sewer problem can no longer be repaired, you might have to replace the sewer line. Here are some reasons why you might opt to replace the sewer line.

A Constant Bad Odor

When a sewer system is functioning as it ought to, waste water will flush through and the repugnant smell will go along with it. If for some reason the sewer system is not functioning properly, a revolting smell will be transmitted through the system and into your home. Most times this is because of a clog or a tree root invasion. When sewage smells continue to waft into your home through the outlets in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen, you will need to consider replacing your main sewer line.

Standing Water

If you realize that some parts of your yard are wetter than others, or have puddles or standing water, you need to have that looked into. It is an indication that your sewer line is damaged and water is leaking into your yard. You will also have a bad smell outside your home and foliage that grows much faster. You might need to call a plumber to replace your sewer line.

Water Backing Up

Anytime there is a problem with your sewer line, you will notice it because it will become visible through your plumbing. Sewage water will back up because of clogging and you will have a bad smell in your home. You will also get gurgling sounds coming from your toilets and drains. Water will back up as well and you will get standing water in your bath tubs and sinks. Once you have a problem of sewage water back-up, you need to get your sewer main replaced.

If you have plumbing issues, you need to call Your plumbers Salt Lake City for assistance. It does not matter if the problem is a major one, or a small issue. Our focus is to ensure we have fixed the problem so you will not have to face any inconveniences.

Remember, we offer 24/7 emergency services, so give Your Plumber Salt Lake City a call today!