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Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are made up of several important small parts that should be kept in very good condition so that the heater can perform at its best.

Depending on the high water usage in your home, your hot water heater can be put under a lot of stress. Most water heaters are never turned off, which is why your water heater needs to be well maintained.

It is very hard to predict when your heating unit will break down. It is only by carrying-out regular services that can help your water heater to perform well and exceed its predicted life span. In the case of a water heater break down, always call a qualified technician to fix it. Your Plumber Salt Lake City is a trusted and qualified technician that can handle every water heater repair service that you will need.

We provide repair services to you on a 24-hour basis, which means that you can count on us to be there even if you have a water heater emergency during the night and even during holidays. Call us today to book an appointment with us because we are prepared to be here for you.

When water heaters are not working as they should, they increase their fuel consumption this which will lead to inflated utility bills. No one wants their pockets attacked for something that they should rely on, so it is important to fix any damages immediately before matters get worse.

How you can tell if you need a repair or a replacement?


If your water heater is properly maintained and well serviced, it can have a life-span of close to 20 years. Whereas, if it is not properly maintained, it can last for 10 years maximum.  Repair and maintenance needs to be accounted for as soon as possible to prevent further damages.

When your water heater’s lifespan is expired, it begins to lose its efficiency and cannot provide the service that you deserve. There are many ways which can help one tell if their water heater needs some attention. They are:

  • Leaks: when you see that your water heater is leaking, call in a trusted plumber immediately.
  • Rusty appearance in the water from the taps or faucets.
  • Decrease in water supply.
  • When you hear some rumbling noise from the heating unit.
  • When you sense a rotten egg smell.
  • If your water heater tank looks rusty.
  • If the current water heater that you are using is over 12 years old.
  • When the water temperature goes down.

When you see any or all of these signs, it is important to seek the help of a professional plumber immediately. Look no further, at Your Plumber Salt Lake City, we are here just for you. We will be able to determine whether your water heater can be repaired, or if it is time for a water heater replacement. At Your Plumber Salt Lake City, you can count on us to be professional and treat you with the utmost honesty and integrity. We will not tell you to replace your old water heater unless it would be the best decision in your unique situation.

With Your Plumber Salt Lake City, cost should never be a burden to you, this is because we offer excellent services at very pocket-friendly prices.

Why Choose Us

Your Plumber Salt Lake City, will take the time to fully examine each need that your home needs in a water heater. We give back our valuable feedback, which includes what needs to be repaired, replacement suggestions, and the cost to be incurred. We also recommend the best option available for you and your family.
We repair water heaters for both residential and commercial clients. Proper maintenance of water heaters prevents the likelihood of water leaks, gas leaks, and bursts. We always offer a 100% guarantee. Our plumbers are well trained and have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to handle any plumbing repairs.
We are fully accredited and our staff are all fully licensed. Being your local company, we understand our counties needs and can get to you anywhere you are since we take pride in being local. We offer free estimates at no hidden costs, so reach out to make an appointment with us today!

Our water heater repair services include

Tankless Water Heater Repair

different styles of storage tank water heaters

Tankless water heaters are the most recent technology provision in water heating. They are considered to the safest option because they do not need a water tank, ultimately eliminating the possibility of a tank bursting.

Our technical team is well equipped and ready to service your tankless water heater and offer repairing or replacing services if needed. You can be sure to get the best service with us.

Residential Water Heater Repair

We are alway ready to take your call to repair your heater whenever the need arises. We are also accountable to recommend upgrades where needed at no extra cost

Commercial Water Heater Repair

You partnership in maintaining your home is valuable to us. Which is why we will give you professional and trusted advice that will grow your business through cutting the costs or increasing your customer base, like that in a Laundromat business. Your company’s growth is our growth too.

Gas Water Heater Repair

Since the gas water heater differs from the electric water heater. It is highly recommended to let the professionals handle it. Which is why we are here for you and are determined to only supply the necessary spare parts and provide the best service to you.

It is important to always check your water heater for leaks, this is because a good heater should not leak at all and can cause crucial damage if not taken care of. Leaking water heaters can be caused by loose bolts or corrosion so it is best to report all leaks immediately. Do not attempt to fix a broken water heater on your own.

Never take your heater for granted, for it is there to make life easier for you, not harder. Taking care of it will enhance your water heating experience so that it can give you value for your money and value for its lifespan. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!

Your Plumber Salt Lake City understands that there can be emergencies that unexpectedly occur. Which is why we take pride in offering 24/7 service. No reason to wait for that minor breakdown to turn into a huge damage. No matter the time of day or night we will be there for you to tend to the repair that you need.

Your Salt Lake City plumbers understand and value you as our customer. We will only give our best and refuse to compromise your homes well being. We maintain a professional and trusted working relationship with you because you and your family are a priority to us. We know that we cannot exist without you and we take pride in always being happy to serve you.