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Your Plumber Salt Lake City provides services for your existing water heater or boiler, or we can install a brand new one for you. Every home or business needs a functioning water heater, because nobody wants to take a cold shower, or wash their hands or dishes in cold water.

We use only the very best brands of water heaters, and we offer only the best quality service. Our plumbers know what it takes to properly install a new water heater in SLC.

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We offer water heater repair, water heater replacement, and new water heater installation. That means, what ever your water heater needs, Your Plumber Salt Lake City can be there to take care of you!

Even thought we are plumbers in salt lake city, we stay on top of our game, even sharing ideas with other plumbers in some of the coldest places. Chauffe-eau Laval, one of our colleagues in Quebec, Canada, has shared some of their best tips for keeping water heaters running in tip top shape. Trust us, they would know!

Bottom line… we feel confident we know how to keep your water heater working properly

Your Plumbers Salt Lake City Recommends These Water Heaters

Traditional Water Heaters

Water heaters take your incoming main water, and using electricity or gas, heat the water up and store it in a tank ready for use at your demand. That means whenever you turn on the hot water at a sink or shower faucet, or your laundry or dish washer pulls hot water for cleaning, your water heater has the water heated and ready to go.

There are different sizes of water heater tanks, and you can adjust the settings on your water heater to make your stored hot water cooler or warmer you prefer.

When it comes to specific brands of water heaters, we recommend a few specifics.

State water heaters and Rheem water heaters represent the perfect balance of value that you can afford, performance that won’t let you down, and the latest features that accommodate every type of lifestyle and budget.

We work exclusively with Rheem and State traditional tank-type water heaters because our experience has show that they manufacture some of the very best, most efficient, and highest performing water heaters available anywhere on the market.

We know you’ll be happy with either a Rheem or State brand Water Heater system!

Whichever water heater system you choose, you will get a high quality, efficient, long lasting water heater to provide hot water to your home or office when you need it.


Tankless Water Heaters

If you would rather make the switch to the more modern Tankeless Water Heater, we can take care of that too.

Your Plumber Salt Lake City uses Navien Condensing tankless water heaters. We do so because these magnificent pieces of equipment can provide you with an endless supply of hot water, on demand, for the lowest cost.

Navien tankless water heaters accomplish this by becoming active the second you open a hot water tap. That action tells the Navien unit to start producing hot water until the tap is closed. That means you will have hot water, as long as you need it, without running out.

Plus, you’re not heating water until you need it, so you save even more. Navien Condensing tankless water heaters have proven their affordability and quality for many years, so we know you can count on them.

Navien tankless water heaters have low annual operating costs, and have one of the highest energy ratings in the industry.

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Residential & Commercial Boilers


You’ve probably wondered how large buildings like hotels or offices make enough hot water for everyone inside.

The solutions, figured out clear back in the 1700’s, was to heat a large amount of water so there was plenty for a large collection of people. Unlike water heaters used in normal homes or offices, larger buildings have a higher demand for hot water that a typical water heater just can’t keep up with. Buildings such as high rise office buildings or hotels where many people may need hot water at the same time turn to a larger system such as a commercial boiler for their hot water needs.

Today, hotels and offices still use boilers, but the humble boiler has made it’s way into some homes too.

Residential boilers are used to generate either hot water, or steam which can be used for heating.

More and more homes are opting for this solution, because they offer larger amounts of hot water on demand. They are also a good option for whole home heating. Because of this, we have gotten pretty good at installing and servicing boiler systems too.

Home or small office boiler systems aren’t the same bulky and imposing things you would see in a commercial building. They are designed for smaller structures such as small office buildings, or homes where space is more limited. Home boiler systems offer a great heating solution that can be more economical and efficient.

Rheem is one brand of boiler we use regularly. As mentioned about their water heaters, they are a dependable and trusted brand that we know you can count on.

Give your favorite Salt Lake City plumber a call to learn how a residential boiler might work for you.

Your Plumber Salt Lake City wants to remind you that we are a locally owned and operated company.

Because we care about the homes and businesses of our neighbors, we will only sell you the best value and quality equipment. That does not exclude our water heaters or boiler systems.

We will always offer you fair and honest pricing on all water heater and boiler equipment and parts. And because we realize that you can’t predict when your water heater or boiler will go out, we offer 24/hour services 7 days a week.

We are mindful of your budget and hard earned money, so we will always try to first offer water heater repair before suggesting a water heater replacement. When the time does come for a new water heater or boiler, you can trust that we will offer the very best deal to you.


YOUR HOT WATER PROBLEM WILL BE REPAIRED FIRST BEFORE A NEW WATER HEATER OR BOILER SYSTEM IS OFFERED: We will diagnose and first try to fix your water heater problems. We have experience servicing all major makes and models of hot water heaters and boilers.

WE ALWAYS OFFER FULL UP-FRONT PRICING: Before we ever start any repair or new installation, we will make sure you know your options and receive a full price up-front so you can make the best decision for your family.

COUNT ON OUR EXPERT INSTALLATIONS OR REPAIRS: You can trust that we are licensed, bonded and insured. We are professionals, so we will always show you and your property the very highest levels of respect.

YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL: It’s very important that all water heaters or boilers are installed by a licensed, certified plumber. You are dealing with gas lines, water lines, and electricity. Not only can it be dangerous, but a water heater or boiler that is installed improperly can cause expensive damage to your home or business and could create a safety hazard.

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