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Your Plumber Salt lake City likes soft water. Why? Because soft water makes people happier, and it is better for your home.

Why is it better? There are several reasons.

First, soft water is better for your pipes.

Hard water is water that is carrying minerals like calcium and magnesium. While trace amounts of these minerals aren’t necessarily harmful for human consumption, they can be quite damaging to your plumbing.

Second, soft water is better for your appliances.

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We don’t mention appliances much when we talk about plumbing, but think about your dishwasher, and your refrigerator, you washing machine.​ They all use water.

That means they can all be damaged by corrosion and buildup from hard water.

Finally, soft water is better for people. It makes a difference when you wash your clothes and bodies in soft water. It just feels nicer.

Your Plumber Salt Lake City can service your existing water softener, or we can install a new system if you don’t already have one.

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What You Should Know About Your Water Softener

There are a few things every homeowner should know if they have a water softener:

Make sure to check your salt level regularly

Water softeners don’t work if there’s no salt. This may seem obvious and silly, but you would be surprised how often people fail to add salt to their water softeners. Set a regular schedule on your calendar or phone to check the water softener salt level.

Adjust for the size of your family

No two families are the same. Even if you have the same number of family members as the neighbors, they may take longer showers than you, or do half as much laundry. These factors lead to different levels of water consumption, and therefore different cycles for adding salt to your water softener.

Use the right type of salt for your softener

Different manufacturers build their water softeners to be used with different types of salt; tablets, granular, or blocks. There are also different levels of quality in the salt. Rock salt is the least pure, solar salt is better, and evaporated salt is the best. Use the right type and the best quality you can afford. How often do you want to be cleaning that thing?

Keep salt from building up in a "bridge"

A common occurrence in some types of water softeners is something called “Bridging” which is when the salt underneath is used up but the salt higher up sticks to the sides of the tank and doesn’t move down as the lower salt dissolves. No salt in your tank water, no soft water. Keep the bridge from forming.

Clean the tank regularly, at least once per year

Depending on your home’s water consumption, this time frame may vary. Regardless, you should plan on cleaning your water softener at least once per year to clean out any sludge, buildup, or other nastiness.

Make sure water softener parts are working properly

There’s more to the water softener than just the brine tank where the salt goes. Let Your Plumber Salt Lake City come and clean things at least once per year for the very best results.

Only The Best!

With Your Plumber Salt Lake City, you can trust that we only use the top of the line brands. That includes our water softeners and water conditioning systems.

Because of this, we specifically feature Pacific Water Inc. brand water conditioning systems.

That includes:

  • Water Softeners
  • Sediment Filtration Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Iron Filters
  • Carbon Filters
We offer a selection of models so you have choices in price and features, while always getting incredible overall quality.

As with all products and services from Your Plumber Salt Lake City, we will always give you options and let you decide before we do anything.​

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Call Your Plumber Salt Lake City to schedule an appointment or get pricing. We will always give you a fair and honest price on all equipment, and you can trust it will come with the very best in reliable, professional service.